About me

I am an assistant professor (UD) at Maastricht University’s Faculty of Law in the department Foundations and Methods of Law.
My background is in legal theory and law and philosophy; my interests span social ontology, sovereignty, concepts, responsibility, law & cog sci, non-human agency, ethics, and more.

Expertise & projects

Non-human agency

This research line focuses on non-human agency (acts & omissions) and responsibility. How can states, corporations, and artificial intelligence best be embedded in our society? When and under what conditions can and should we hold these (and other) non-human entities responsible and/or liable for their actions?

This research line combines law with ethics, philosophy of action, and insights from the cognitive sciences (especially moral and social psychology).


This research line focuses on methodological questions with regard to legal research (and education).

Concepts & logic

This research line focuses on the concepts and (informal) logic of international and transnational law. In how far are current concepts and modes of reasoning suited to describing, understanding and evaluating new and emerging legal phenomena in a globalising and complex world?

This research line combines legal theory, social ontology, and legal logic.


I have extensive experience with legal education in various roles, including but not limited to course design, coordination, and evaluation.


Assistant professor

2015 –

In 2015, I joined the department of Foundations and Methods of Law at Maastricht University’s Faculty of Law as an assistant professor.


2012 – 2015

I started my academic career as a lecturer at the public law department of Maastricht University’s Faculty of Law. Next to teaching comparative constitutional and administrative law as well as legal skills, I wrote my PhD in this period.

antonia.waltermann @ maastrichtuniversity.nl